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July 27, 2010

Discover what the Upper Midwest Chapter of NOMMA is all about.

Why should you get involved in the Upper Midwest Chapter...
here are 10 good reasons.

1. Chapters are an even better way to connect with NOMMA and all it has to offer.
With all chapter members being Nomma members you get support from NOMMA. Chapters are important to NOMMA as a means for delivering needed services and critical information to members.
2. The group has more influence.
Working arm and arm with other chapter members can get results that you would not get as an individual.
3. Referrals are a wonderful thing.
A good word from a connected friend and colleague can open a door that might otherwise get opened. Chapters let you access friends who can refer you when you need it. At sometime another member company may have more business then it can handle or comes across a need that their firm does not do, another member of the chapter can be referred. Have a question about how an items is fabricated, question on finishing ect., call a frieldly member of the chapter or post to the message board to get the information you need.
4. You never know who you might find yourself in business with.
Business partnerships have come from personal interaction at chapter functions. What better way to get to know a future associate then to meet and work with them at a chapter event.
5. The social aspects offer a great break for the regular workday.
What's there not to like about networking with other companies and learning new things to help your business grow and prosper.
6. Educational programs can make you a smarter business person.
Whether it be a forging demonstration, presentation on estimating or insurance, chapter programs can make you a more sucessful business person.
7. It's a terrific way to meet suppliers.
Business people tend to rely on a tight group of suppliers, often for a good reason. But sometimes other suppliers can offer better deals or speedier delivery of products. Interacting with a wide range of suppliers in a chapter is a way to keep up with the marketplace and to be sure your suppliers are serving you well.
8.Get answers to your questions.
You know the kinds of questions you have as a fabricator. Who would be a good supplier? What product might work here? How might I handle an employee problem? How would I do a perticular type of forging? Who better to ask and get advise from then a fellow member of the chapter and NOMMA.
9. Who wouldn't want a great new idea?
Interacting with other ornamental metal people is a great way to get ideas that can make you money or save you time. Whether it be an installation trick, suggestion on buying new equipment, just one good idea from another member will make the chapter meeting worth attending.
10.We need friends that understand us.
Only in the Upper Midwest Chapter of NOMMA will you be associated with dedicated people involved in the same business as you are.

Make our next meeting your first...Join us.

(This was originally printed in the Fencepost, A few changes were made.)

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